Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Central Park: NYPD Vehicle Bursts Into Flames

The charred metal skeleton of an NYPD Interceptor is all that remains after suddenly bursting into flames last evening in Central Park. An officer from the NYPD's Explosive Unit (above) investigates the cause of the fire.   (Photos: Geoffry Croft/NYC Park Adovcates) Click on images to enlarge.

In July an NYPD scooter burst into flames in Brooklyn Bridge Park.


By Geoffrey Croft

An NYPD officer was forced to abandon his vehicle after it suddenly burst into flames in Central Park, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

The officer was about to turn into the bridal path from the 86th Street Transverse Road just after 5:00pm when flames began to engulf the three wheel Interceptor vehicle according to police sources.

The officer quickly jumped out of the burning vehicle.

According to DCPI the officer suffered no injuries.

86th Street Transverse Road where the incident occured around 5:00pm.

NYPD's Explosive Unit responded to investigate the cause of the fire.  

Police at the scene described the officer's polyester uniform as "scorched" and "singed."

 "He was lucky," an officer said. "He was in the vehicle while it was in flames, that must have been pretty scary." 

According to police sources the officer worked in the Manhattan North Scooter Task force on the noon to eight tour.

Officers also said a scooter went up in flames in Central Park a couple of years ago near the pump house.

Officers investigate the cause of the fire.

In July 2012 an NYPD scooter burst into flames in Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

July 14, 2012 - Brooklyn Bridge Park.  (photo: Mark Laughlin via gothamist)


  1. This happened yesterday before 4pm, not around 5. I was cutting across the park after leaving the Guggenheim, and when I was heading south along the Reservoir running track, I saw the smoke billowing up on the other side. I headed over there (The smoke cloud was suspiciously dark and thick, and I could hear sirens converging on that side of the park from multiple directions.), and when I got within maybe 50 yards of the fire (on the other side of an embankment) I heard a loud pop sound. Then I got as close as the police would temporarily let us, and I snapped one picture of the fire department just getting there and rolling out their hoses, with the vehicle completely engulfed in flames. That was exactly 3:50pm. After an officer made us move back, I climbed back up to the running trail and went around, while the firefighters sprayed the thing with water and a lot of steam billowed up. I got into another vantage point, and by the time I snapped a second picture at 3:53pm (before another officer made us move again), the fire was totally out and the metal hulk was just steaming.

    1. Thank you for the information. We received that time from the Fire Department's press office. We actualy had the original time near 4:00 pm as well. I don't know why the discrepancy. Please free fee to send along any images we would love to see them.

      - Geoffrey