Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dogs Bite Boy And Park Police Officer In Separate Incidents


By Geoffrey Croft

An 11-year-boy was bitten by an unleashed pit bull last night in a Bronx park, and hours earlier a parks enforcement officer was bitten in Riverside Park in Manhattan while in the process of writing a summons to a dog owner for the same condition NYC Park Advocates has learned.   

These incidents come days after an unleashed dog was shot by police in Schmul Park in Staten Island on Saturday.

The 11-year old by was in Harding Playground on Bolton Avenue and Gildersleeve Ave in the Bronx at 7:30 yesterday evening when he was bitten in his left knee.

He was transported to Jacoby Hospital with his mother.  According to EMS the incident was listed as a "major injury."

The extent of his injuries are unknown at this time.

A Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officer was bitten yesterday morning in Riverside Park after observing two dogs running around without a leash. The incident occured at 9:30 at West 102nd St. 

The dogs belonged to two sisters who said the dogs were no harm to anyone.

Both women said they did not have identification on them. One of the siblings was issued a summons after the officer obtained a verbal Id. 

While in the process of writing a summons to the second sister her mixed German Shepard jumped on the officer's right leg and bit it, drawing blood. The other sister grabbed the dog and fled the scene. The dog did not have tags according to a law enforcement source.

Sarah Brandoff was transported to the 24 Pct where was written a Criminal Court Summons for the off-leash condition and released on her own recognizance.

The officer went to the hospital where she received two shots,  one for tetanus and rabies and will have to get another five shots.

The Department of Health was notifed as was Animal Care and Control. 


  1. The Parks Department needs to do away with the off leash Courtesy, it causes confusion for Dog owners. And goes against State Law. These officers need to have better protection, than mace and batons

  2. Very true. They need to finalize there status as park police n have better protection. They are not recognize as law enforcement officers. Its sadly to say all the abuse they get from the public. Hopefully no major incident happens which cause them long term disability.

    1. Well thats just the thing...Plan A is "oh Pooch knows not to do that" Plan B is "well, it aint me he's mauling as i attempt to appeal to my dog's human intellect, which he lacks, being canine" i walk to the park, then immediately away, cursing. We're all people, we all know the only thing that impresses people in these situations is hitting them in the wallet. i say dog off leash? $500 summons. after $2000 the guy oughta realize its in his best interest by far to obey this law/regulation/rule

  3. There is no courtesy rule no longer these idiots have put it into the rule book that dogs are allowed off the leash from 9pm-9am only n supposedly no exceptions in parks wit dog runs. Riverside has dog runs so there should b no exceptions but parks always wants to bend the rules when those wit money start complaining that PEP is harrassing them. Get rid if management they suck

  4. I am a dog owner and I can testify that other dog owners regularly flout the leash law in Theodore Roosevelt Park near the Planetarium. I walk my dog there on leash and these loose dogs make it very difficult because some of them scare my dog and he, of course, wants to defend himself. I am in control of mine, the law breakers are not in control of theirs. And I have never seen an enforcement agent there... never.

    1. same exact entry for me, take out Teddy Roosevelt Park, insert Kissena Park.

  5. It's enough of these off leashed dogs. Whether domestic or not, they are still animals and we have no idea how they will behave in a given circumstance. It's dangerous to have dogs off a leash, I am hesitant to even enter the parks during off leash hours. When will enough be enough?

  6. well, so much for progress. let me make it clear, in two years since last entry, i see unleashed dogs EVERYDAY at kissena park in flushing. pit bulls any type, you name it. steering clear of name calling and anger, lemee say that there are many more people who dont care about the safety of others...after all, their dog wont attack THEM. sad commentary indeed. i cannot go to that park anymore, from fear of my being attacked possibly. (in my experience, most dog owners are lead around by the dog, who is a dog NOT a human) I'm sick of the dispicable indifference. There needs to be cameras or patrolpeople...whatever...smack some owners with a $500 summons and im fairly sure you'll see more compliance. It really sucks, but I have to say, if there's no penalty, why expect to see a change? There is no actual penalty, regardless whats on the books. Therefore, there is no change.