Friday, July 12, 2013

Mini Floating Pool For Brooklyn Beats Kickstarter Fundraising Goal

Plus-shaped pool
The innovative project that aims to put a massive floating pool into the East River will install a mini replica in the waters off Brooklyn Bridge Park in August. Two days ago the project was $ 30,000 short of its fundraising goal.


Next month something unusual will be floating in the waters off of Brooklyn Bridge Park—a cross-shaped swimming pool, according to Crain's New York Business.

The founders of +Pool—a 164 feet by 164 feet river water pool with a water filtration system designed for challenging conditions—said on Friday that they had surpassed their crowdfunding goal.

The project generated $273,114, or $23,114 more than its goal on Kickstarter. The funds will enable the visionaries behind the project to build a replica which they are calling a science lab. The mini-version—35 feet by 35 feet—will be dropped into the East River in mid-August. But it is strictly for research, not swimming.

The founders want to use the extra money they raised to develop an educational exhibition space where the public can observe their progress, how they test the water and the structure.

"There are two options for the exhibition space," said Dong-Ping Wong, an architect and one of the three partners in the project. "There are outdoor spaces in downtown Dumbo and the other option is finding a storefront."

While the +Pool project ultimately calls for a walkway allowing people to get to the floating pool, the science lab will not have one. To avoid any risk to the public during the testing phase, and potential vandalism, staffers will reach the pool via kayak. But the founders may be allowed to take small groups of visitors to the site, said Mr. Wong.

The science lab will remain in the water until October. The total cost of the project is about $15 million. The founders have raised $314,114 so far through crowdfunding.

floating pool

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Mini Floating Pool Beats Kickstarter Fundraising Goal
Crain's New York Business - July 12, 2013 -  - By Lisa Fickenscher

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