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NYPD Arrest 13 As Pool Violence Explodes

Tempers Flare In Public Pools As Temperatures Rise 

City -Wide

By Geoffrey Croft

Police and Park Enforcement Patrol officers working in and around the city pools not only had to battle stiffing temperatures during the heat wave last week but also unruly patrons.

The NYPD arrested at least 13 people in Parks Department pool related incidents NYC Park Advocates has learned.   

The charges ranged from Inciting A Riot, Resisting Arrest, Gang Assault, Robbery, Assault, Criminal Possession of A Weapon. 

Several pools were temporarily closed to quell the violence and more than a dozen lockers were robbed.   

A snap shot of pool related incidents reveals:

Howard Pool - Brooklyn.  Pool was closed for hours on Sunday morning due to gun shots being fired at the adjacent NYCHA projects.

Astoria Pool -  July 20, 2013  (6:15pm)   NYPD arrested a 14-year-old male for Disorderly Conduct and four others after leaving the pool in related incidents. 

It took three police officers, and pepper spray, to subdue an out of control 14-year-old teen on Saturday night. 

The teen was being verbally abusive, cursing at lifeguards and disrupting patrons in the Olympic sized pool according to law enforcement sources.

After being warned multiple times by lifeguards and pool staff he was told to leave.

While being escorted out by police and PEP he turned around and  "chest bumped" and threatened an NYPD officer, saying "what are you going to do,"  said a source. 

The officer responded and pushed him down.  The teen got up with open fists ready to fight and challenged the officer.

Two other officers came to assist. 

The teen refused to be cuffed and flailed his arms in an effort to avoid arrest.  An officer eventually used mace and the situation was soon under control. 

"He confronted the cop with closed fists, " said a source at the scene.  "Nobody in their right mind would have challenged this guy (officer) - he's built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Something is definitely wrong with this kid. He thinks he's a tough guy."

The teen was issued a Juvenile Report for Disorderly Conduct and released to a guardian. 

EMS transported one person to Mount Sinai Hospital Queens with unknown injuries. 

Twenty minutes later a group of teens, reportedly friends of the 14-year-old involved in the prior incident,  exited the pool and assaulted two people during a robbery in Astoria Park.  

Two men were listening to music in the parking lot in Astoria Park,  a block south of the pool near the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge when they were approached by a pack of teens.

They proceeded to steal a cell phone and mini speakers from one of the men. When he resisted he was beaten up. When his friend attempted to intervene he too was assaulted. Both men were punched numerous times in the process.

The two victims,  one black- 22,  and Hispanic 19 - were struck several times about the body and received cuts and bruises.   A police barricade was allegedly used as a weapon. 

The victims were treated at Elmhurst Hospital where they received staples to treat some of their wounds.  

Police arrested four teens from Queens - three 17-year-olds and a 14-year-old.  All were charged with Gang Assault , two counts of Robbery, Assault, and Criminal Possession Of A Weapon. 

Jay-Von Fain - 17
Jonathan Campbell - 17
Stephon Gilliam - 17
(information on the minor, including the charges is not available)

Lasker Pool -   July 19, 2013 (5:20)

A Harlem teen was arrested for causing a disturbance on Friday night at the popular pool in Central Park.  Richard Jones, 17,  was "acting in a tumultuous, and violent manner,"  according to the police report.  He was in the middle of a large group picking up women the throwing them around the pool, cursing, and encouraging others to do the same.

The teen was warned several times to stop.  

Jones was charged with Inciting a Riot, and Causing Public Alarm.

Crotona Park Pool  - Bronx  July 18, 2013.    A Bronx woman was arrested after she refused to leave peacefully after causing a disturbance. Gwendolyin Gonzalez, 20, was cursing and threatening patrons. After several warnings she was told by an officer to move which she refused to do. While being escorted out of the pool she struck an an NYPD officer with in the face with her pants.  

Gonzalez, 20 was charged with Disorderly Conduct and harassment of an officer. 

Sunset Park Pool - Brooklyn July 18, 2013 (2:30)  Five people were arrested after scuffling with police when they refused to obey pool rules and regulations.  

The group - including four Brooklyn residents and one from Elisabeth N.J. - were diving and jumping into the pool causing a disturbance and a public safely condition.   They were repeatedly asked to stop. When authorities ordered them to leave the premises they refused,  that's when the situation escalated.  The men resisted being cuffed and fought with the officers.   One,  Roberto Torres, 31 struck an officer in the back of his arm according to the police report. He was charged with assaulting an officer. 

All  were charged with Obstruction of Governmental Administration, Resisting Arrest and Violation of Local Law. 

Lorenzo Orlando - 38 - Brooklyn
Luis Flores - 35 - Brooklyn
Jose Colon - 44 - Brooklyn
Willis Kinard -  35 -  Elisabeth N.J.
Roberto Torres - 31 - Brooklyn 

Highbridge Pool - Manhattan July 16, 2013 (6:20pm) 

Police arrested a Washington Heights woman who created quite a disturbance when she refused to go quietly after putting on a show for pool patrons. According to law enforcement sources, Raiz Nunez, 21,  was wearing a pink thong bathing suit with white sandals and dancing, shaking her behind while holding on to a railing in the deep end treating it like a stripper pole. The audience chanted as she gyrated and encouraged adults, and then children to smack her behind which some obliged.

Th incident prompted some patrons with children to leave and caused a larger crowd to gather. 

"She thought she was on the pole, and this would get her some attention and it did," said an officer at the scene.

She was asked to leave. Things escalated while she was being escorted out by police and PEP officers attempting to remove her from the premises.

"She was saying that she looks good and 'you are all just jealous that's why you're doing this.' She looked liked SpongeBob SquarePants," said an officer referring to the woman's apparent non hour-glass figure. 

According to a source the woman continued taunting the officers and threatened them asking what they were going to do if she didn't leave. She threw herself on the ground  near the locker ares on the pool deck in order to avoid being arrested.   Officers began rolling around with her on the floor trying to handcuff her. Officers had a difficult  time grabbing and holding on to her wrists due to an ample amount of sun screen as she flailed about trying to avoid arrest.  One officer hurt his hip during the altercation. 

At one point one she even managed to slip out of one of her cuffs.

One officer had to put on gloves in order to get a grip on her oiled up body.

"You're in a thong bathing suit resisting (arrest)," one officer commented afterwards.       

"I'm going to the precinct like this," Ms. Nunez asked incredulously.    

Police charged Raiz Nunez with Resting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction of Governmental Administration.     
The "thong lady" came back to the pool on Saturday wearing the same outfit but staff turned her away. 

In High Bridge Pool on Saturday night three pool goers were ejected  for fighting in the water - no charges were filed.      

Tony Dapolito Recreation Center Pool - Manhattan.  July 14, 2013 -  (6:00)  Six people, including four and five-year-old boys,  were sent to the hospital after being maced by an out-of-control Brooklyn teen.   The incident began inside the pool when a teen, described as a 16 or 17 began arguing with a woman who was outside in James J. Walker Park with her family.  A wild melee ensued, when the abusive teen was escorted out of the pool and began spraying the crowd with pepper spray. Park employees  were forced to barricade the front door of the recreation center to prevent warring factions from gaining access to each other.   The assailant slipped away before police arrived. 

Other Incidents: 

Coney Island  - July 19, 2013 (5:30) NYPD arrested a female for threatening a parks worker with a knife by the bathrooms on Riegelmann Boardwalk West near Stillwell Ave.   Police say Yamira Cajagas, 35, of E. 118th Street in Manhattan was arrested and charged with Menacing and Criminal Possession Of A Weapon during an altercation with a 47-year-old parks JTP employee

Mullaly Park Pool - Locker Break In. July 18, 2013. (2:30) Stealing from unsuspecting pool patrons was taken to a heightened level when a thief broke into a woman's secured locker and removed the victim's cars key. The assailant then found the car and robbed the contents including a purse and clothing.
This was one of a dozen locker break-ins during the week. 

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