Friday, August 9, 2013

City Removes Destroyed Bench In Deadly Tree Incident That Killed Pregnant Yingyi Li-Dikov In Kissena Park

The city has removed the crushed park bench where Yingyi Li-Dikov, 30, was tragically killed on Sunday night in Kissena Park. She was sitting enjoying a beautiful evening when a large deceased Oak tree suddenly fell, taking the life of Mrs. Li-Dikov and her unborn child.  (Photos: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates) Click on images to enlarge. 

Monday Morning -  Kissena Park. (NYC Park Advocates)

Rotted Tree Stump From Deadly Oak Tree. Fungal decay known as "butt root" significantly reduced tree wood strength at the trees most vulnerable point - the tree base.  Diminished is the ability for the tree to defy gravity and remain upright eventually failing under its own weight of close to 4-5 tons of tree mass. 

The remains of a hallowed tree stump few feet away. 

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  1. This should have been "act of God" this was obvious tree rot that the city "Ignores" I went through several battles here in Little Neck Queens to remove 2 diseased and dangerous trees. The first reaction from Forestry was: "No action warranted!" I had to "shame" forestry to remove one tree by contacting a local Queens paper that did a story on it. Two weeks later, the tree was removed. There was also a Huge, Dangerous, Rotted, Silver Maple (the kind that killed two little girls on their way to school in a bus a number of years ago.) on busy Marathon Pkwy here. It is frequented by school children and school buses. I called 311 and Forestry...I got the same reaction..."no action warranted" Then I had a brainstorm to contact the Chief of all parks, the Commissioner. I sent her detailed photos of the rot and holes in the diseased tree. In three days, there was a team removing it. Why, might I ask, should a good citizen who reports danger, be "ignored" by most of the "powers that be" The answer is simple: " Money is more important than human life."

    1. Thank you very much for sharing these experience!
      That seems right that nyc is being this:" Money is more important than human life." !!!

  2. Its troubling that we have civil servants stuck in a civil servant mentality- they refuse to do the right thing unless they really have to. With that the Shame on You strategy is the only thing that works here. And since you made the noise about this tree work on a public safety matter the agency now perceived as the crazy and dangerous one. And when you make too much noise, you become "persona non grata". Deplorable and unacceptable behavior that its perpetuated year after year by New York's Greenest.