Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Police Make Arrest In Central Park Rape Case

The New York City Police Department is seeking
Last night police arrested Omar Hoist, 32 in connection with the rape and strangulation of a 28-year-old Russian woman on Sunday night in Central Park. Hoist - from Tiebout Avenue in the Bronx - has 16 prior arrests including for forceable touching and drug possession according to the police. Hoist was seen on surveillance video walking with the victim along 5th Avenue.  (Photo credit: NYPD)

Hoist was identified as being at Metropolitan Hospital across from where the incident occured.   Members of the Special Victims Squad responded and took him into custody.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said today they were looking into whether or not he was wanted in other attacks.

Kelly said said this afternoon that the suspect was put in front of a line up and that process he believed was on going involving some other incidents.

"What happens is you look at indicators, to descriptions to see if this person was involved and that process is on going," Commissioner Kelly said.

- Geoffrey Croft


Police have arrested a homeless man in connection with a rape in Central Park.  

Omar Hoist, 32, was arrested inside Metropolitan Hospital on Tuesday after receiving a tip. 

He is charged with rape, strangulation and assault.  

Around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, police said a woman was walking on East 88 Street near 5th Avenue when she was approached by the suspect, who began talking to her as they walked toward Central Park.

Police investigate the scene early Sunday morning in Central Park near 100th street between Fifth Avenue and the East Drive.  According to the police, Hoist approached the victim at East 88th Street and Fifth Avenue about 3 a.m. and the two began talking. They entered the park at East 100th Street and later became violent and dragged the victim to a grassy area and raped her. (Photo: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates) 

The two entered the park near 100 Street, walked along a bike path and then sat on a bench, police said.

That’s when police said Hoist turned violent, dragging the woman into a grassy area and raping her.  She managed to get away and ran to Mt. Sinai Hospital. Police said the suspect told the victim his name was Omar.  

The man was seen on surveillance video walking with the victim before the attack and then again alone after the attack, police said.

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