Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Park Workers Arrested For Stealing Crime Victims' Cell Phone



By Geoffrey Croft

It was not a good day for Union Square Park.

Police arrested two heart-less welfare workers employed by the Parks Department who stole a victims' belongings while he was being attacked in Union Square Park last Tuesday night NYC Park Advocates has learned.

While cleaning the park at approximalty 9:30pm Job Training Participant (JTP) workers Lydia Brito, 52 (13 prior arrests) and Arabian Breland, 26 (two prior arrests)  schemed to steal a cell phone and clothes during an incident where the man was punched in the face according to the police.

Police responded and witnesses said the victim put his bag on the ground while being attacked and soon realized his bag was gone.

Witnesses told police the two parks cleaners picked up the victim's bag and placed it inside a trash container and walked away. When cops confronted the pair, they denied knowledge of the missing bag and cell phone. Cops found the phone and the missing bag.   

The seasonal employees were arrested and charged with criminal possession of stolen property.   

The two are due back in court on August 26th, where they will be arraigned.

"They are currently still employed with NYC Parks, pending the resolution of their case or further information regarding the incident," the Parks Department said in statement.

Earlier in the day another career criminal was arrested for stealing a woman's I-Phone in Union Square Park near Evelyn's Playground.

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