Thursday, February 12, 2015

Central Park: NYPD Conducts Ice Rescue Training

Officers at The Lake in Central Park carry ice rescue ladders as large snow flakes begin to fall.   (Photos: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates) Click on images to enlarge.  


By Geoffrey Croft

Members of the NYPD's elite Harbor and ESU Unit conducted a joint ice rescue training in Central Park this afternoon.

About 75 people including NYPD and Park Enforcement Patrol officers, and volunteers from the Central Park Medical Unit took part in the training held on The Lake near the Ladies Pavilion on near 76th Street off the West Drive. 

 Working together a PEP and NYPD officer are able to bring the person safely to shore. 

An officer stepped out onto the frozen lake to play the part of a person in distress under the watchful eye of a Harbor Unit personal who was tethered to the shore.  

Volunteers took turns tossing a bright orange ring out on to the ice while officers worked together to bring the person safety back to shore.

Participants also practiced using the ladders painted bright red that are found throughout city parks.  

"These exercises are very important," said an instructor at the scene.  "Even if you are familiar its always good to get a refresher."

 Trained personnel demonstrate how to aid a person in distress on the Ice.  

  Instructors demonstrate ice rescue equipment and technique near the Ladies Pavilion.

Giving instructions.

A four man crew works together to successfully bring the aided person to shore.

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