Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pregnant Woman Attacked By Ski-Mask Wearing Thug In Brooklyn Park


By Geoffrey Croft

A pregnant woman's peaceful morning walk in a Brooklyn park last month turned into a nightmare when she was viciously attacked by a ski-mask wearing thug, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

The disturbing incident occurred in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn on January 6th at approximately 9:30am. 

The mom had just dropped off her child and decided to go for a walk.  She stopped to enjoy the views when a man approached her and without warning punched her in the face and threw her on the floor. 

"He sucker punched me," said the 24-year-old mother of a young daughter and is almost seven months pregnant with another.  

"I hit the ground hard and cut my face," she said.

The thug held her down and riffled through her pockets.   Finding nothing he got up and struck her again, this time in her back with his foot. 

"He kicked me and ran off, " she said.

The criminal didn't say a single word during the horrifying ordeal and she said she did not get a look at him.

"He had on one of those ski-masks that covered his face."

A park goer came by a few minutes later and saw her on the ground crying and called 911. 

"I was in so much shock. I was on the ground throwing up. I thought, 'why did this happen to me?'"

The woman was transported to a local hospital and treated.  According to the police she had a bruise on her face and a cut lower lip. 

The assailant is described as approximately 6 feet, 200 pounds wearing a black jacket and black ski mask.

Police canvased the area with negative results. They are searching other similar robbery patterns that matched that description. 

The victim said she went to the park to enjoy the views and get some peace and quite.

"I went to the park for tranquility," she said. "It has nice views of Jamaica Bay.  It was a nice snowy day, you can't even enjoy it. I just have to be more careful from now on. I don't want to walk in the park by myself anymore. It's sad. I also have to teach my daughters to be careful."

The park recently underwent multimillion dollar renovations which transformed dozens of acres into stunning natural areas as well as a cricket field. 

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