Thursday, April 16, 2015

Central Park Perv Caught Relieving Himself


Police patrolling in Central Park on Tuesday night observed a man sexually relieving himself  on 74th Street near the East Drive NYC Park Advocates has learned.

Police saw him using his right hand touching himself in plain view of the public when they spotted him.  

David Black, 46 was arrested inside Central Park at 8:10 p.m. charged with public lewdness, according to police. 

According to the complaint, "the defendant intentionally exposed the private parts of his body in a lewd manner and committed a lewd act in a public place and in private premises in which he might readily be observed from a public place with intent that he be so observed."

Almost a year to the day, on April 15th 2014, Mr. Black was busted by transit police for having several credit cards belonging to other people after cops saw him sleeping the E train. 

- Geoffrey Croft

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