Thursday, April 16, 2015

Four More Teens Busted In Worlds Fair Towers

Four teens were caught sneaking into the Worlds Fair's Astro Towers on Tuesday afternoon. Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) officers caught up to the group on the first observation deck,  126 feet in the air, and surprised them. The New York State Pavilion,  can be seen in the background. 


By Geoffrey Croft

Four more teens were caught sneaking up into the Worlds Fair towers NYC Park Advocates has learned. 

When Park Enforcement officers arrived this time they found the gate wide-open and the flimsy lock missing.   The rusted metal door that leads to the deteriorated staircase was also wide open and the small lock was nowhere to be found.  

The group was caught on the first platform.

"The locks magically disappeared," said an officer at the scene.

The kids from nearby Bowne High School made it as far as the first observation deck - 126 feet in the air -  Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm when officers surprised them.

PEP officers detain four teens 126 feet in the air one of the three Worlds Fair Astro Towers observational platforms. 

"It's very dangerous up there," an officer said.  

"One slip and it's all over.

The officer said one teen mentioned he saw photos people had taken on instagram from the site.

Two 15-year olds and 16-year old were given trespassing summons. 

Another 16-year old,  who had multiple ID's belonging to other people and a bank card belong to someone else, was arrested. 

A few weeks ago, PEP officers caught five teens hanging out and graffiting 226 feet up on the highest tower.   Five teens were caught by park police after they broke into and climbed to the top of the observation deck.

When Park Enforcement Patrol Officers arrived this time they found the perimeter fence wide-open and the lock missing.  Safely on the ground  (background) officers issued summonses to three and took one teen into custody.  

Nearly $ six million dollars has been allocated for improvements to the three structures.

When PEP officers arrived at the base of the tower they saw the door leading inside wide open and the lock missing. 

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