Monday, August 22, 2016

Man Shot 14 Times In Brooklyn Park Celebrating Son’s 3rd Birthday


By Geoffrey Croft

A man was shot 14 times in a Brooklyn park early Sunday morning while celebrating his son’s 3rd birthday.  

Violence erupted just after 1:30 am in Scarangella Park  at West 13th Street between Avenues U and V when a gunman opened fire on Daquan Spencer, 30 who lived a few blocks away. 

The victim was attending a birthday party for his son when someone opened fire, hitting him 14 times, twice in the neck, one time in the left temple, chest left shoulder, three times in the abdomen and three times in the right thigh as well as buttocks back and hip.
Eighteen spent shell casings found inside the park according to police.

Spencer was rushed to Coney Island Hospital where he later died.

Eye-witnesses were able to identify the shooter to police.  

A few hours earlier a 62 year old woman was shot and killed while playing playing dominoes in a Harlem park.

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