Monday, August 22, 2016

Woman, 62, Killed Playing Dominoes In Harlem Park


By Geoffrey Croft

A 62-year-old woman was killed when two stray bullets struck her on Saturday night in a Harlem Park.

Police were clearing Colonel Young Park of hundreds of people inside the park after hours, when they heard shots fired.
Cops transmitted the call and found the victim Odessa Simms lying on the sidewalk unconscious, with one shot to the base of the head, and one to the left shoulder.

The incident occured on Saturday, at 11:44 p.m,  near the northeast corner of West 144th Street and Lenox Avenue, inside Colonel Young Park.

She was taken to Harlem hospital and pronounced dead at 12:27am.

She lived two blocks away from the horrific scene.

Simms was standing, holding on to a park bench, where she had been playing dominoes with her back turned to Lenox Avenue, close to the basketball courts when the shots rang out according to police.

Eyewitness told police a male in this 30's was running with a silver firearm wearing all back chasing a light skinned male, early 30's in a white tank top southbound along Lenox Avenue between 145 st Street towards 144th Street when he fired at the man he was chasing.
He missed the intended target and shot the woman.
Two hours later a man was shot 14 times and killed in a Brooklyn park while celebrating his son's 3rd birthday.

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