Saturday, November 5, 2016

Woman Found Stabbed In Brooklyn Bridge Park Bathroom


By Geoffrey Croft

A  23-year-old woman was found stabbed in the bathroom at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park last night after her ex-boyfriend went into a rage.

“If you don’t take me back no one will have you,” the victim told police her attacker uttered during the nightmare.

He stabbed her several times including to the left arm & right side of the stomach/lower back according to police.

He also strangled and punched her over the several hour ordeal.

When she tried to call police he took her cell phone.

The ordeal began at Water and Washington Street and gradually migrated to the park.  

The victim persuaded the assailant to let her go the bathroom at Pier 1 at Old Fulton & Furman St. to clean up where a park goer called police. 

The victim was transported to Methodist Hospital and is expected to live. 

Police arrested Fernando Perez, 26, at 10:15 in the park at the bathroom location.     

He was charged with five counts including Felony Assault and Felony Strangulation.  

The incident occurred within the confines of the 84 Pct.

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