Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Police Investigating Multiple Incidents At Trump's Bronx Golf Course

Photo: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates.    


By Geoffrey Croft

The NYPD are investigating multiple incidents at the Ferry Point Bronx Golf Course operated by the Trump Organization.

Yesterday morning two men used a chainsaw to cut down four, 30-foot trees.

Surveillance footage captured the two climbing over the fence  at the corner of Robinson Avenue and Miles Avenue, police said.

Police recovered the chain saw left behind by the suspects.

Trees were also cut down in February.

On April 15th at 10 a.m. a groundskeeper found graffiti written on a flag marking the 16th hole. Written in marker were the words “f*ck Trump” along with two U-Tube accounts “LAZ nation” and “AaronJacobTV."

The 45 Pct. is investigating as a case of criminal mischief.

A Bronx man with 38 prior arrests is wanted for trespass on the Trump golf course stemming from an incident in December. 

On December 19, at  5:18 p.m. police responded to a call of an abandoned U-Haul truck parked at lot inside the golf course. A nearby Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA) employee said he saw a man climb under the fence and enter the golf course. 

Around the same time, an employee of the course encountered a man inside the pro shop claiming his father was a Trump fan and he was looking for a gift for his dad.

The man left without making a purchase.

Police identified the man who rented the truck as Mario Dissaro, 29 of 3215 Fairmount Avenue, in the Bronx.

Police showed his picture to both the TBTA worker and the pro shop employee and both identified him.

Dissaro has 38 prior arrests including arrests for grand larceny, burglary, assault, robbery and aggravated harassment.

He is being sought for the latest incident for criminal trespass.

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