Tuesday, December 8, 2009

City Residents Gain 307-Acre Waterfront Park - Cedar Grove Beach Bungalows Site to Become Public Park


The city Parks Department said it plans to remake a large, privately leased stretch of New Dorp Beach and open it to the public -- effectively ending for 41 families a long tradition of summering on the shores of Staten Island, according to the Staten Island Advance

The move is likely a death blow to the private Cedar Grove Beach Club, which turns 100 in less than two years, whose members lease the land there from the city and decamp each summer to ancient but neatly kept waterfront bungalows.

But ending the private lease could be a boon to Islanders. 

Parks was not able to release details late today, except to say that the shoreline and adjacent meadows used each summer by the beach club will be spruced up with amenities, opened to the public and linked to nearby Oakwood and New Dorp beaches. 

That means Cedar Grove residents won't be returning next summer, and the beachfront bungalows, some of which have been passed down to generations of family members, eventually will be razed. 

The club's most recent four-year lease for the sprawling 300-acre bucolic site, which is located near the foot of Ebbitts Street, expires at month's end and has been under review by the city Parks Department for several months. 

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Cedar Grove Club loses its city lease                                                                                                            Staten Island Advance - December 7, 2009 -  By Karen O'Shea                                                                                       

Photo slideshow: Cedar Grove beach bungalows to give way to public park                                                   Staten Island Advance - December 8, 2009  

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