Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Storm ravages Plumb Beach, now local residents fear flooding of Belt Parkway

(Left): Sheepshead Bay's Maurice Allen walks the now ravaged Plumb Beach. (Photo: Marino for NY Daily News)

The long neglected beach and surrounding landscape - which runs along the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn - was recently slammed by Hurricane Ida.

A fierce storm that battered Plumb Beach last month has left a trail of destruction - and raised fears another winter squall could flood the nearby Belt Parkway, The Daily News reports.

Because of the remnants of Hurricane Ida on Nov. 14 and 15, a nearby blacktopped bicycle path collapsed and left the beach near Floyd Bennett Field strewn with rubble.

Neighborhood advocates charged that a slow government response by the city, state and feds has created a public safety hazard on the Belt Parkway - which they fear could flood with another strong storm.

"It's a disaster," said Maurice Allen, 73, of Sheepshead Bay, who walks the beach, which is between Knapp St. and Flatbush Ave., several times a week for exercise.

"They [the government] had to have seen this coming. At high tide, the water is about 30 feet from the Belt Parkway."

But the recent storm only exacerbated deteriorating conditions on the waterfront where the tides have carried away sand, bringing the water's edge closer and closer to the bike path and highway, advocates charged.

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