Monday, December 7, 2009

Seba Avenue Park Vandalism


Gerritsen Beach is not going to take this sitting down! Why? Because all of the benches are gone!

20 benches, that’s right twenty! have either been uprooted or have gone missing from the tot-lot at Seba Avenue park. 15 Have been uprooted from the brick/cement base and 5 have gone complety missing. GBCares president John Douglas, who spoke with parks, recently said “kids were rocking the benches back and forth which ultimately loosened the bolts from the bricks”.

To be perfectly fair, most of the the other tot-lot playground equipment has also been destroyed or defaced.

Seba Avenue Park is no stranger to vandlism and problems. The park has been set on fireall of the trees have been snappedgarbage thrown around and......

Standing Room Only at Seba Aveune Park - December 4, 2009

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