Saturday, August 13, 2011

Randall's Island Thief Arrested Again

A aging crook was caught after he returned to the scene of his crimes.

Edward Bradford, 61, was busted on Monday on Randall's Island, armed with a pair of bolt cutters and a crow bar, said a police source.

Bradford was a suspect in three recent Parks Department burglaries on the island including a break-in on July 29, in which an intruder cut a hole in a fence securing a construction site and forced open the windows of a trailer, hauling away computers, tools and a microwave oven, said police. In two other similar break-ins at the same construction site, a prowler had hauled away tools including an electric drill and a saw, said a police source.

Bradford had been arrested by Park Enforcement Patrol officers last September after he swiped a generator and copper wire from a city owned building on the Island, one of six burglaries on the island that year, the most of any city park.

He faces three counts of burglary and charges of possession of burglars tools. A judge ordered him held on $5,000 bail. - Geoffrey Croft

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