Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Man Murdered In Rosewood Playground - Shot Twice


A male black was murdered in a Bronx playground on Sunday night. The victim was shot once in the head and once in the chest in Rosewood Playground in Bronx Park at approximately
7:23 p.m. according to police. The victim died at the scene.

According to the New York Post the incident happened when a fight broke out after a barbecue in Rosewood Playground.

No arrests have been made.

The NYPD were unable ID the victim and no other information was available at this time.

- Geoffrey Croft


  1. It's really sad how these murders killed this young black male. These people have no heart and stone cold killers. Do they use this park to do their killings? How sick!!! To kill someone on a Sunday which is God's day. You reap what you sow in the end. God seats high on the throne and god is looking low. Judgement will be brought upon them, God's wrath is the worse to come across . They will be judge on earth just as well being judge in heaven. Wisdom is Golden

  2. it sucks that people get murdered for no reason.
    they should be ashamed this "black male" would of been someones son,brother,father or husband
    think of others befor you act foolish you selfish person!
    may he rest in peace i give my thoughts to his family
    from Anonymous!