Monday, August 1, 2011

Real Gun Used In Grandview Pool Lifeguard Threat Alleged - Order Of Protection Sought

After threatening a lifeguard at Grandview Pool (bottom right) last Tuesday 20-year-old Tasheem Burden ran to his house at 366 Grandview Avenue (top left) where police recovered a different gun used in the incident witnesses have told police.

Staten Island

By Geoffrey Croft

Additional details from last Tuesday's Grandview Pool arrest are emerging.

Several eyewitness have told NYPD that the fake gun recovered at the house described by police as a cigarette lighter was not the one brandished by 20 year-old Tasheem Burden at the pool.

The gun visible in Burden's waistband was a 9mm said an eyewitness. City employees have made statements to the police to that affect.

"The one brought to the pool was not the one the police have," said an eyewitness.

At least one city employee has requested an order of protection and another has asked to be transfered due to safety concerns.

Security at the mini-pool has been stepped up: An NYPD officer is now detailed there in addition to a PEP officer and a CSA.

On July 26th at around 3 p.m. just before lunch, a group of five or six friends were ordered out of the pool. After a struggle with a lifeguard in the pool Tasheem Burden was ejected. A few minutes later a shirtless Burden returned to the pool with a gun tucked in his waistband and threatened to shoot the lifeguard according to several eyewitness.

A CIty Seasonal Aid (CSA) - a mother of four - stepped in between assailant and the lifeguard. The parks security personnel employee used verbal judo skills in an attempt to defuse the situation. Burden took off down the street and ran into his house at 366 Grandview Avenue approximately 8 houses away from the park.

Another lifeguard flagged down a passing patrol car. NYPD went to the house and back up arrived.

A fake gun described as a cigarette lighter was recovered/surrendered at the house where NYPD arrested the suspect. He was charged with possession of an imitation pistol and menacing, cops said.

After police left the house the mother and a person described as Burden's brother came back to the pool where he repeatedly threatened the lifeguard.

According to eyewitnesses Tasheen returned to the area several times last week. Police have told park enforcement if he returns to arrest him for trespassing.

A person familiar with the issue said NYPD was looking into whether the lighter recovered was the item brought to the pool.

An NYPD spokesperson declined to comment whether they were investigating these claims.

"I hope they are. I don't know if there are. I hope so," said an eyewitness.

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