Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11-Year-Olds Rob, Bloody 75-Year-Old Man In Battery Park


By Geoffrey Croft

A couple were robbed by two 11-year-olds at Battery Park On Friday, A Walk In the Park has learned.

The tourists, a 75- year-old man and his wife visiting from Great Britain had just gotten off the boat from the Statue of Liberty in Battery Park when they were approached by two 11-year olds on the sidewalk who demanded their money. The man was knocked to the ground and suffered a laceration above his eyebrow. The kids forcibly took his wallet which contained $ 90 dollars according to law enforcement sources. The incident occurred on Friday, November 18th at 3:30 p.m. at Battery Park near Pearl and State streets.

The victim was transported to NYU Downtown Hospital.

The kids were apprehended on the Staten Island Ferry by NYPD and transported to the 1st Pct. They were charged with robbery, assault and disorderly conduct.

A third child with the group was not charged. He went back and asked the man if he was alright according to a witness.

The assailants were originally believed to be 13.

The tourists checked out of their hotel on Sunday.

A few weeks ago in Battery Park an emotionally disturbed homeless woman slashed a restaurant worker in the stomach with a broken bottle.

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  1. It's a dreadful storybut I couldn't help but think the title should have been "Assault in Battery".