Friday, November 4, 2011

Prospect Park Gun Scare: Park Ranger Apprehends "Indecent" Man With Loaded Gun



By Geoffrey Croft

A hero park ranger in Prospect Park took a sex offender off the streets yesterday when he arrested a man carrying a loaded gun, a large box cutter and drugs, who minutes earlier exposed himself to a female park patron, A Walk In the Park has learned.

A woman walking her dog spotted 53-year old Glen Perouza of South Jamaica Queens, masturbating inside Prospect Park between near the Long Meadow near the Picnic House near 4th street yesterday at approximately 3:30pm, according to NYPD and Parks Department sources.

The woman flagged down Parks Department Urban Park Ranger Andrew Marsala who was driving on a path near the picnic house. The woman complained that the suspect has repeatedly exposed himself to her in the past. The ranger gave chase after the man started to run. Ranger Marsala apprehended Glen Perouza, 53 after a struggle which required the assistance of a park patron who helped subdue the perpetrator who was resisting arrest.

An eight inch box cutter was recovered, and marijuana was found in the suspect's coat pocket.

Mr. Perouza was transported to the 78 Pct. A loaded 9mm Taurus Pt. 99 hand gun - complete with an illegal 15 bullet magazine - was discovered stuffed in between the seat in the back of the Ranger vehicle where the defendant had been transported.

The suspect was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of marijuana, and indecent exposure.

No prior arrests could be found for Mr. Perouza at this time.

"Thank God they didn't get shot and killed," said senior Parks employee. "Thank God nobody got hurt."

"Nothing but the grace of God that were all alive," said a Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) Officer.

"And we're only 'eyes and ears,'" another PEP officer said sarcastically in reference to the Parks Department management's repeated attempts to down play the role Rangers and PEP play in fighting crime.

For at least the last three years Urban Park Rangers management have not given park rangers enforcement training according to park sources.

The Parks Department refused to comment and referred inquiries to DCPI.

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  1. This is a clear example that our training and equipment are unsatisfactory for the job, no matter what management says. We need new leadership that realizes that we are law enforcement and treats us as such.

  2. This could have turned out diffrently, The Park Rangers and Pep officers need to be armed, this is a dangerous city

  3. This is a "result thirty years" in the making. Poor training, unexperienced hierarchy that lack knowledge of how to run a full blown law enforcement agency. Not to mention unmotivated sgt's & capt's which lead to unmotivated officers. This is a vicious cycle that can only lead to serious injury or death to staff as well as the public. NYC Pk's Depart needs to be revamped & retooled to fit todays level of crime fighting. Recently NYPD has stated that they can take an air plane when needed. The Pk's Dept. should take a page out from the national law enforcement agencies & grow with the times. New standards needs to be inplemented to create officers with the right training & TOOLS to do the job effectively.