Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Park Workers Hurt By Fallen Tree In SI - Parks Department Refuses To Provide Details


Staten Island

By Geoffrey Croft

A park employee working in a Staten Island Park was struck by a large tree limb and injured, NYC Park Advocates has learned. 

A second worker injured her back when she attempted to lift the fallen branch off the worker.

APSW park employee Peter Foster was in High Rock Park in the Greenbelt on Monday just before 1:30 clearing a trail when the branch fell and landed on his arm, narrowly missing his head.

Mr. Foster sustained multiple fractures to his left arm.  He was drven to the hospital by fellow employees and was released from the hospital in a cast. 

A second worker - a City Seasonal Aid - injured her back when she attempted to lift the limb off of Mr. Foster. 

She was transported by EMS to Richmond University Medical Center where she received pain medication and was released.

Since Tuesday night the Parks Department had refused to provide any details of the incident despite repeated requests.

Today they said the employees were not working on the tree and it simply fell. 

"We can confirm a Parks worker was injured by a falling limb while maintaining a trail in the Greenbelt,"  a parks spokeswoman said in a statement.

"A seasonal aide was injured as well while trying to assist this employee.  Both employees were treated and released from the hospital. 

They were unable to provide the size or weight of the tree limb.

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