Friday, May 17, 2013

Surveillance Cameras Sought For Prospect Park


Sunbathers in Prospect Park could soon be smiling for surveillance cameras.

Brooklyn residents are calling on elected officials to set up security devices around the green space, citing their role in drastically reducing crime in Central Park, according to the New York Post. 

“I think they deter crime,” said Park Slope activist Marco Castillo, noting: “Central Park is almost littered with cameras.”

Prospect Park is host to several events that attract major crowds, such as a half-marathon and the Great Googa Mooga food festival.

“The cameras would definitely help keep crime down, and unlike Central Park, which has its own police precinct” there is no specific precinct policing Prospect Park, said Geoffrey Croft of NYC Park Advocates.

Central Park has more than 30 recording devices.

The idea also has the support of the Prospect Park Alliance. The group’s spokesman yesterday said cameras inside the park would help cops do their jobs.

“God forbid if something happens, you can gather evidence to help a conviction,” Castillo added.
Not all voters are willing to spend money on cameras, though.

In April, they shot down a $200,000 plan to use some of Councilman Brad Lander’s discretionary capital funds to install four cameras on the outskirts of the borough’s largest park.

Lander (D-Brooklyn) said he hopes the city can find money to arm the 78th and 72nd precincts with new cameras, adding he would leave it at the NYPD’s discretion to determine where to position them.

Both precincts have previously proposed installing cameras by park entrances.

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