Sunday, September 1, 2013

Electric Zoo Debacle - Teen Sexually Assaulted - 2 Deaths, 31 Arrests At Randall's Island Music Festival

31 People Arrested At The Electric Zoo Dance Music Festival on Randall's Island


The Randall’s Island Park Alliance  (RIPA) recieves a large fee for the event at the same location as the Governor's Ball debacle.   (Photo: Electric Zoo)  RIPA removed all photos of the event from its webpage.
By Geoffrey Croft

A 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted at the Electric Zoo Music Festival on Randall's Island NYC Park Advocates has learned.

The teen woke up on Friday under a van in a parking lot with her pants undone and bruises and scratches on her legs, according to several city sources. 

Medical personnel at Cornell Medical Hospital later determined she was sexually assaulted.

The incident is being investigated by the Special Victims Unit.

Two concertgoers died at the planned three-day dance music festival from apparent overdoses on Saturday.   

Syracuse University graduate Jeffrey Russ,  23,  of Rochester, NY died at Harlem Hospital and  University of New Hampshire student, Olivia Rotondo,  20,  of Providence,  R.I.,  died Metropolitan Hospital.

The drug MDMA,  or "Molly," is suspected in the deaths.

Two officers stand watch at the Ward's Island footbridge on Sunday. The NYPD blanketed Randall's Island on Sunday after the  Electric Zoo event was abruptly cancelled. (Photos: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates) Click on images to enlarge.

Map of the event.  (RIPA Facebook)

At least four other concertgoers were also hospitalized as well from apparent drug related issues officials said.

Officials cancelled the final day of the Electric Zoo dance music festival, citing “serious health risks, ” on Sunday after the incidents. 

Thirty-one people were also arrested according to the police including two felonies.  Offenses ranged from drug sales, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of controlled substances.  

 A lack of screening for under age concert goers also came under fire from several sources.

"This is ridiculous," said a city employee at the event.  

"All the drug use and under-age activity that goes on here every year and now this. And this year they added a third day. And for what money.  These events have to go.  They are putting the public at risk."

The festival is organized by concert promoter  Made Event,  an organization that has also staged concerts on Governors Island.

The Mayor's office issued a press release:

PR- 289-13
September 1, 2013


Due to serious health risks, the Electric Zoo music festival on Randall's Island on Sunday, September 1st has been cancelled. The City recommended cancellation and the event promoters have agreed. 

During the first two days of the Electric Zoo music festival, two concert-goers have died and at least four others became critically ill and have been placed in intensive care at area hospitals. Definitive causes of death have not yet been determined, however, both appear to have involved the drug MDMA (ecstasy, or molly).  The Electric Zoo organizers have worked with City officials to reduce health risks at this event, but in view of these occurrences, the safest course is to cancel the remaining day of the event

Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo co-founder Mike Bindra's event golf cart sits idle on Sunday.  Binda organized events at McCarren Park Pool location before it was renovated. Additional information is now surfacing regarding illegal drugs at a prior business of Mr. Bindra's, a Chelsea night club.

Randall's Island's largest unprogrammed area of the park has been allowed to be converted into commercial uses for up to five months a year by the Randall's Island Park Alliance in cooperation with the city.

Soccer field converted into a stage. Main Stage East.  "Expanded Grounds For 2nd Main Stage!" the event map boasts. 

Main Stage East.

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  1. All of these under-age people attending this event- the police should be involved? How about their parents? Are they too busy? They want the city to baby-sit? Oh....

  2. This is what happens when we privatize our parks. It's pretty simple.

  3. Start shutting down every single baseball, football, basketball, etc. game too while your at it. But that will never happen, because the states/towns make too much $$$ off mainstream sports. You know how many people leave drunk from those events and end up killing someone on the ride home every year?! LMAO, a shit ton more that two people dying at an EDM festival. BTW, those people killed themselves(most likely), just trying to have a good time. Start shutting down every bar in the United States too while your at it. Oh, that's right, again, you make too much money off the sale of alcohol for that to ever happen. I guess the organizers of Electric Zoo need to spend more than $600,000 for the city to think twice about shutting shit down. At the end of the day, its all about pockets, not what's "right" for the public. They only use events like these(as publicity stunts)to make it look like they care about public safety. The mayor's office and city "officials" sit back praying and hoping for someone to die at one of these events. Start shutting down major sports events, n than you might get the REAL public's respect. F'n Clowns!