Friday, September 27, 2013

Mother Attacked in Fort Tryon Park - Fights Back With Bicycle Pump

“I don't want to go there anymore, ”  the victim said of the greenway. “I'm sad. I love it in the park. It's the closest we get to nature in New York City.” 

 “I don’t feel safe in the park anymore - but I love this city.”


By Geoffrey Croft 

A mother out walking with her baby 8-month-old on a beautiful morning was attacked by a man wielding a broken-bottle on the Greenway bike path off the Henry Hudson Parkway in Fort Tyron Park in upper Manhattan,  NYC Park Advocates has learned.

The 33-year-old Mary Jane Jarman was pushing a stroller when a crazed man holding a broken bottle crawled over a railing and approached the victim from behind and said, "Come here , come here," according to law enforcement sources.

The attacker grabbed the terrified mother of two and put her in a bear hug. They both feel to the ground in the struggle.

The woman fought back.

While on the floor she grabbed an extendable bicycle pump from the baby carriage and repeatedly struck the attacker in the head and face.

"I had his blood on me, I gashed his head pretty good a couple of times,"  said the heroic mother standing outside the 34 Pct.  with her 8-month-old son, Thayne, and husband Joe by her side. 

"I was protecting him (my son) with my life, I was prepared to kill this man," Mrs. Jarman said.  

"His sole intent was to hurt me,  so I was not going to go down like that and leave my son," she said describing the man as having,  "dark scary eyes." 

"I would have killed him."  

After being injured the perpetrator ran across the six lanes of the Henry Hudson Parkway and disappeared up into the steep slopes of Fort Tyron Park.

Police recovered the suspect’s glasses and red visor,  which fell off during the attack. 

A police helicopter was at the scene searching the area. 

The man is described as Hispanic, approximately 30-40 years-old,  and 5'8 and 160 pounds. 

He was wearing a dark blue thermal shirt and blue jeans. 

The incident occurred this morning just after 9 am along the Henry Hudson Parkway Greenway near the Inspiration Point pavilion overlook at 190th Street.  

The Greenway has recently been the location of several violent attacks about a block mile south of this latest incident. 

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