Saturday, September 20, 2014

Madison Sq. Park Assault: Park Employee Attacked By Crazed Dog Owner While Locking Up Park


A crazed dog owner attacked a park worker attempting to lock up Madison Square Park, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

Craig Russell, 60 of Manhattan reached into the passenger side of the parks' vehicle and grabbed a 52-year-old mother,  a JTP working for Parks,  and punched her several times in the face while yelling out racial slurs according to parks sources.

The perpetrator continued to hold the arm of the worker, while the City Parks Worker driven vehicle headed toward the Shake Shack stand in the park. 

The man refused to let go of the worker's arm while the vehicle took off.

The perpetrator eventually fell while being dragged which released the worker.  

He was taken into custody by officers from the 13 Precinct . 

Russell was transported to Bellevue Hospital to treat a leg injuring - possibly a broken leg - where he is awaiting charges by the DA's office.

The park worker was transported to Beth Israel Hospital to treat injuries to the right cheek and wrist.

Russell who lives near the park tied his 13-year-old dog to a park railing when a Parks Department vehicle entered the park late Thursday evening at approximately  at 11:50pm according to the complaint filed with police. 

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  1. Parks signs states parks close at 9 pm its not up to the dog to read. Gates would not need to be locked if people respected the rules and stayed out. Police not parks should lock up a site as they can arrest those to stupid to listen.