Sunday, September 21, 2014

Update: Man Arrested For Preventing Parks Dept. From Removing Tree


A Brooklyn man was arrested yesterday in Tompkins Square Park for trying to prevent the Parks Department from cutting down a tree, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

William Talen, 64,  of Brooklyn was arrested by police who say he climbed on top of a Parks Department forestry truck and refused to move. 

The incident occurred yesterday at approximately 10:00 A.M.

Talen was brought to the 9th Precinct and charged with Obstructing Governmental Administration.  

The Parks Department said the tree presented a safety hazzard to the public. 

"Working with a professional arborist, Parks determined that the leaning elm tree in the center of the park was structurally unsound and posed a danger to the public," an agency spokesperson said in a statement. 

"Tomography tests and resistograph readings have shown that it was likely to fall under normal weather conditions.  There were significant cavities, decay and hollow conditions in the trunk of the tree which failed standard recognized arborcultural guidelines. Therefore, in the interests of public safety, the Parks Department had no alternative but to remove this tree. 

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