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Man Shot By Police In Marcus Garvey Park Charged With Multiple Counts

On Thursday police closed off part of Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem near where an officer shot Daniel Cabrera, 28, of White Plains, NY. in the chest after the man resisted arrest and attacked the officer according to police.  Cabrera has a history of mental illness and has been arrested multiple times including for assault and possession of stolen property.  He has an open warrant after he failed to show in court for a disorderly conduct arrest in June. (Photo: Credit Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times)

Cabrera was charged with assault on a police officer, menacing a police officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration on Friday. 

The decrepit staircase where the officer chased down Daniel Cabrerra.  (Photos: Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates) click on images to enlarge


By Geoffrey Croft

A police officer on patrol in Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem shot a 28-year-old man with a history of mental illness after a struggle according to the police.  

Daniel Cabrerra, 28, of Gibson Ave in White Plains, NY was shot once on the right chest area during a confrontation. 

The incident happened at around 1:30 p.m. near the Acropolis,  located in the upper portion of Marcus Garvey Park near the historic fire watchtower which has long been a hotbed for drugs and prostitution.

Cops said the uniform officer was on patrol in the park near 120th Street and Fifth Avenue,  due to complaints from the community inside the park regarding drug activity.  The officer was ascending the stairs to the Acropolis when he spotted two men with some type of bag.  The cop was approached by a third man, Daniel Cabrerra, who appeared unsteady on his feet and walked toward the officer.

Looking South down 5th Avenue - the landing where Cabrerra was shot. (photographed April 2014)   

During the interaction Cabrerra "got in the cops face" and he put his hands on the officer.  

A struggle ensued and the cop pepper-sprayed Cabrerra. He wiped the pepper spray from his face and ran.

The officer chased him down the steps about 150 feet and pepper sprayed him again.

The cop was trying to handcuff but Cabrerra resisted causing him to drop his handcuffs.  Cabrerra attempted to get up and he reached for his own waistband, as if he had a weapon and the cop shot him in the chest according to police accounts.

The two other men, one holding some type of bag ran off but they were apprehended nearby by responding officers. It was determined they were not with the Cabrerra and they are not charged with a crime but questioned and retained as witnesses.

The officer does have bruising to his face consistent with a punch but authorities are unclear if he was punched but witnesses confirm a struggle.

Police say Cabrerra has a mental history, including being diagnosed as bi-polar. He has an open warrant after he failed to show in court for a disorderly conduct arrest in June in the 94 Pct. in Greenpoint, Bk.

He was arrested in 2012 for an assault in the 46 Pct in the Bronx. In 2010 he was arrested for possession of stolen property and had several arrests for fare evasion on the subway.

Cabrerra was taken to Harlem Hospital with a gunshot wound and was in stable condition. 

The 39-year-old police officer was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital for evaluation,  treated for facial injuries released on Thursday.  

Authorities say the officer has been with the department since 2005.

The historic Harlem Fire Watchtower, also known as the Mount Morris Fire Watchtower, (1856) sits atop the Acropolis, the highest elevation in Marcus Garvey Park.The area has long been a hotbed for drugs and prostitution. Instead of providing the necessary resources to secure and maintain the area which would allow the public to enjoy this formerly majestic spot,  for decades the city has instead allowed it to remain in disrepair.  The watchtower,  a city landmark, has been allowed to severally deteriorate. The Parks Department shamefully erected a chain link fence around a large section of the perimitor of the crumbling watchtower which has created additonal public safety issues.   

The watchtower, a city landmark, is the only surviving one of eleven cast-iron watchtowers placed throughout New York City in the 1850s.  $ 4 million dollars was allocated last year to repair the crumbling structure.

Crumbling staircase wall.

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