Friday, July 8, 2016

Man Arrested For Groping Woman Sunbathing in UES Park

Thomas Cronin, a 53-year-old wanted for 11 burglaries, grabbed the buttocks of a Manhattan sunbather Wednesday afternoon, not knowing that an off-duty cop was nearby.

Career thief Thomas Cronin, 53, wanted for 11 burglaries, grabbed the buttocks of a 45-year-old woman sunbathing in Carl Schurz Park on Wednesday afternoon.  The woman was lying face down on a blanket when the assilant grabbed her buttocks.  An off-duty police officer reading in the park heard the victim yell out and helped nabbed the suspect with the assistance of several other officers.  (Photo: DOCCS via NY Daily News)

Cronin, of East 63rd Street, was charged with forcible touching, sex abuse in the third degree and 11 counts of third-degree burglary. 


He grabbed her — and cops grabbed him.  

A career crook wanted for 11 burglaries grabbed the buttocks of a Manhattan sunbather, not knowing that an off-duty cop was hanging out nearby, cops said, according to an account in the New York Daily News.  

Officer Eric Sullivan was reading a book about the American Revolution in Carl Schurz Park, near Gracie Mansion, on Wednesday afternoon, when he heard a woman scream out and call someone a pervert.  

Thomas Cronin, 53, had ridden up to the 45-year-old woman on his bicycle, dismounted, and goosed her while she was sunbathing, face-down on a blanket, authorities said.

Sullivan followed Cronin, who ditched his bike and ran off toward E. 91st St. and First Ave., according to police.  

The cop called 911, and though he lost sight of Cronin, two officers, Julian Febres and Christopher Bobell of the 23rd Precinct, found him near E. 90th St. and York Ave., officials said.  

The woman snapped a cell phone photo of Cronin before he fled, cops said.  

The 19th Pct. Tweeted out the work of the officers. "Off duty rookie cop helps catch serial burglar/forcible toucher on  Outstanding work by all Officers involved!"

The pinching perv, it turned out, was wanted in a string of 11 Manhattan burglaries, and was on parole after his 2013 robbery, burglary and criminal possession of a forged instrument convictions in Nassau County.

He's served six prison sentences since 1987, all for robbery or burglary convictions.

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