Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokemon GO Robbery In Central Park


By Geoffrey Croft

A tourist from New Hampshire was robbed in Central Park on Saturday night while playing Pokemon GO, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

The 21-year-old victim had been playing Pokemon GO  while siting on the Andrew Haswell Green bench near East 102nd St and East Drive when he got up and started walking southbound down a path.

He was approached by two men who pushed him down from behind as he held his i-phone in his hand.

One of the assailants said, “I have a gun” give me your stuff.” 

The thieves took his wallet and i-phone along with a backpack.  They tossed the victim’s backpack without taking any  addional property.

One of the perps said, “Don’t remember us," before fleeing with the phone and the wallet.

Police used the tracking device app in the phone and caught up with the suspects a half hour later in White Playground, on E. 106th Street, btw. Lexington & 3rd Avenue according to police.

The victim identified the two robbery suspects at the scene.

Bryan Matz, 37, of Queens, and Camacho Navla, 18,  a homeless male were arrested and charged with Robbery.   

The two were in possession of the stolen phone and wallet. 

No gun was found and the assailants never displayed a gun but made the threat of a gun.

The robbery was first reported - sans Pokemon Go details - on Monday morning.

Hordes of seemingly distracted cell phone users have descended on several park locations.  The Pokemon GO craze has people chasing and catching the virtual creatures from their mobile devises hidden throughout several city parks including Central and Union Square Park.

YouTube video shot on Friday night  titled, “stampede” shows a large group of people rushing into Central Park at 11:oopm after the rare and illusive, “Vaporeon” had been allegedly found.

The video has attracted millions of viewers.  (Don’t miss the classic narration that accompanies the 41 second clip)

The New York Times produced in short video filmed in Central Park. 

There have been numerious reported crimes since the Pokemon Go craze was recently launched world-wide. 

In Missouri eleven teens were lured to secluded areas and robbed playing Pokemon GO. 

In a Illinois suberb a pair of teenage brothers were robbed at gunpoint.

A teen in a Chandler, AZ park had his phone taken and thrown into a pond after he falsy claimed as a prank he had found a rare Pokemon when he hadn't.

In Manchester, England three students were reportedly robbed in a park at knifepoint of their mobile phones while playing Pokemon Go.  

Numerous municipalities have issued warnings of the dangers of using the phone app. who point out the need to being aware in your surroundings while in public. 

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