Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tompkins Square Park Scissor Stabbing - Victim In Critical Condition


By Geoffrey Croft

A 25-year-old male is in critical condition after being stabbed several times with a scissors by a homeless man with a long criminal history, NYC Park Advocates has learned.  

The incident occurred yesterday at 2:45 p.m in Tompkins Square Park by the chess tables and homeless encampments near seventh Street on southwest corner of the park.

Emerson Whitmore, 51 and Sarah Wilson, 36, approached the victim inside the park yelling, wheres my stuff?. 

Whitmore stabbed the victim several times in the chest and back with a pair of scissors. 

When he fell to the ground,  Wilson kicked the victim several times.

When a 23-year-old good samaritan tried to break up the assault, Whitemore tried to stab her with the scissors.

The assailants fled with eyewitnesses in purist.

Police spotted the chase and joined in and arrested the two. 

The victim was transported to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition.

Emerson Whitmore was arrested for 3 felony Assault charges, Menacing, and Criminal Possession Of A Weapon.

He has at least 31 prior arrests dating back to 1982.  

Sarah Wilson was charged with Assault 2. She has at least six prior arrests. 

Whitmore lives at a nearby mens shelter.  Sarah Wilson lives at the Isaac T. Hopper House, a woman’s shelter run by Women’s Prison Association.  

Last Monday, July 11th, a freelance journalist was attacked while filming a homeless encampment in the park. 

Two homeless men punched the 36-year-old victim several times.  They tackled him causing him to drop his phone.

They grabbed his phone and broke it.

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