Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Battery Park Ticket Scalper Sentenced

Gregory Reddick 54, of Jamaica Queens was arrested on May 27, 2015 for allegedly selling tickets to tourists on Pier 15 - South Street Seaport illegally.  He ran to Battery Park after being questioned by park police. The issue attracted wide-spread media attention.  Reddick’s arrests date to the 80's and include six felony convictions,  multiple burglary and criminal possession of stolen property convictions. 

Vendors have no valid Parks Department permit to sell tickets on park property according to the city.  For years these vendors have been operating in broad daylight with little or sporadic enforcement from authorities. 


By Geoffrey Croft

The Queens resident arrested in 2015 for illegally selling tourists tickets in Battery Park was found guilty and sentenced NYC Park Advocates has learned.

On Friday Gregory Reddick of Jamaica Queens was sentenced to 45 days in jail after a jury recently found him guilty of Resisting Arrest following a jury trial. 

He rejected a plea deal and opted for a jury trial instead. 

Reddick was found not guilty of the other charges - Obstructing Governmental Administration, Unlawful Vending in a New York City Park, and Harassment.

His arrest in May 2015 garnered wide-spread media attention.

He was arrested on May 27, 2015 after leading park police on a wild chase in lower Manhattan. 

A Parks Enforcement Patrolman officer on Pier 15 (South Street Seaport) says he saw Reddick allegedly take cash from two customers according to the criminal complaint. 

When the officer asked Reddick to see an ID and Parks permit he responded, "F*ck off off,  I ain't givin' you shit,"  according to an officer at the scene.  

The officer called for back up.  

He shoved the officer in the chest and took off. The officers chased Reddick a half mile away to Battery Park where he and a half-dozen fellow officers surrounded the 200-pound suspect, subduing him with the help of pepper spray, the complaint says.

Illegal vendors swarm the subway exit in the Battery Park.   The proprietors of these businessed claim they are not required to have a Parks' permit because they are selling “entertainment” such as sightseeing tours and fall under "expressive matter" sales and therefor are protected under by the First Amendment. 

Reddick sued the city after his arrest.

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