Friday, February 3, 2017

Attempted Rape of Park Worker - Suspect Caught


By Geoffrey Croft

Police apprehended the suspect wanted in the attempted rape of  a park worker, NYC Park Advocates has learned.

A 51-year-old Hispanic female park employee was sitting on a bench in front of the park house inside Jaime Campiz Playground on Wednesday at noon time when she was approached by male black in his 50’s and asked for a smoke according to police.

The woman said she didn’t have a smoke and got up and to walk away.

The suspect then offered her $150 to have sex with him. 

When she declined the offer he increased the offer to $200 and again she declined.

“I'm going to rape you then" he said and as he pushed her towards the park house holding in his hand what appeared to be a white rope.

She broke free and ran away and into the parks women’s bathroom where she told other females in the bathroom what had happened.

The suspect waited outside the bathroom for a few minutes while the women hid. 

He fled and got into a white tractor trailer that was parked west bound on the BQE service road.

The women told police the trailer had the words “Western General" on the side.

Cops canvassed for video and found video of the truck parking, the driver getting out and walking in the direction of the park before and returning 20 mins later.

Using GPS, police were able to determine the truck was in fact at the location and the company identified the employee/driver it was assigned to.

The driver was detained by police and was picked out of a line up by the victim.

Police arrested Darrell Long, 51 who resides on Marcus Garvey Blvd in Brooklyn.

Long was arrested and charged with menacing, harassment, criminal possession of a controlled substance and attempted sex abuse by force.

The suspect has 12 prior arrests.

He confessed to the attempted rape according to a police source. 

He is awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn criminal court.

The incident occurred in Jaime Campiz Playground at Metropolitan & Marcy Ave within the confines of the 90th Pct.

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