Wednesday, January 13, 2010

$2.4 million for Floyd Bennett Field Jet Fuel Clean-Up


The present is catching up with Floyd Bennett Field’s past, officials announced this week, according to YourNabe.

The former airport and naval station will be the recipient of $2.4 million to clean up a 40-year-old, two-acre jet fuel spill on the southeast corner of the 1358-acre site, which is part of Gateway National Recreation Area.

Rep. Anthony Weiner allocated the money, which comes from a Department of Defense appropriations bill.

The United States Army Corps of Engineer will be performing the cleanup. A time frame was not available at press time. Once the fuel is cleaned, it is expected that the site could be used for some sort of recreational use. As this paper went to press, a Weiner aide could not provide additional details about the project, which was announced Jan. 12.

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