Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amphitheater of the Absurd: Concrete Remedy for Asser Levy "Dustbowl"


Supporters of Borough President Marty Markowitz’s plan to construct a new $64 million, 8,000-seat amphitheater inside Asser Levy Seaside Park often malign the neighborhood green space as a terrible “dustbowl”, according to The Bay News.

This week the city provided its remedy: concrete.

According to the Department of Parks & Recreation, at least part of Asser Levy Park’s existing 110-yard open field will be covered in 42,000 square feet of concrete.

“Under the current design plans, the area under the amphitheater roof is concrete, with wood decking as access paths to the theater,” Parks Department Phil Abramson said.

Space beyond the proposed seating area and the potato chip-like roof will be maintained, albeit on an elevated plane, as a natural grass lawn where additional concert-goers are expected to assemble for shows.

Critics say that, and the combination of concrete and elevated lawn, disrupts the current use of the park.

“It’s ridiculous,” NYC Park Advocates President Geoffrey Croft says. “They’re not fooling anyone. Obviously, children and the public will be prevented from using tens of thousands of square feet as they used to. That is unacceptable. It’s the only green space that community has. Plus, are they going to give kids parachutes in case they fall over the railing?”

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