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Next Step Approved For Future Acquisition Of High Line Above 30th Street


The Department of City Planning announced that it has certified the City's application for approval of future acquisition of the High Line above 30th Street according to The Friends of the High Line.  This is a crucial step in realizing the group's dream of fully preserving the High Line at the West Side Rail Yards.

This certification kicks off the seven-month Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP), during which there will be several opportunities for public input. The group encourages the public to come out and show your support for the High Line's preservation, as you have so many times before. They are pushing for the City to take ownership of the High Line and ensure that its future is determined by the public. 

Though today's announcement does not guarantee preservation of the High Line, the City's move toward High Line acquisition is a major positive step towards achieving our ultimate goals: full preservation of the historic structure north of 30th Street, including the 10th Avenue Spur, and completion of the High Line project all the way to 34th Street. 

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January 27, 2010 - The


Press Release 



Friends of the High Line 
Katie Lorah – (212) 206-9922 / 
  JANUARY 27, 2010             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 


Department of City Planning kicks off public review process to authorize City acquisition of the 
High Line’s remaining section. 


Supporters of the High Line celebrated today as the Department of City Planning certified an 
application to begin the public review process to allow the City acquire the final section of the 
elevated structure. This announcement marks the beginning of the City’s Uniform Land Use 
Review Procedure (ULURP), a seven-month process of community and government review. After 
the ULURP is complete, the City will be authorized to move forward with acquisition of the historic 
High Line structure as it runs the perimeter of the West Side Rail Yards. 


The certification of this application, submitted by the Department of Parks & Recreation, is a 
critical step by the Bloomberg administration toward the preservation of the historic High Line 
structure, and the extension of the popular elevated park north of 30th Street.  


Today’s announcement follows another major step for the High Line at the Rail Yards, taken in 
December, 2009, when the City approved the Western Rail Yards Rezoning. The rezoning 
contains requirements that the High Line west of 11th Avenue be used for public open space, as 
well as stipulations for the ways in which future buildings can interact with the High Line. Taken 
together, these two actions pave the way for integrating the historic structure into the future 
development at the Rail Yards. 


The non-profit Friends of the High Line has been advocating for full preservation of the historic 
High Line structure north of 30th Street since the planning process for the redevelopment of this 
site began several years ago. The group has worked along with the administration of Mayor 
Michael R. Bloomberg, the MTA and the Empire State Development Corporation, the state 
agencies that own the underlying land, and The Related Companies, the site’s developer, to 
ensure that the High Line is included in plans for the site. 


The High Line south of 30th Street is already owned by the City of New York, and is under the 
jurisdiction of the Department of Parks & Recreation. This section was donated by CSX 
Transportation, Inc. in 2005, following a public review process similar to the one beginning today. 
The southernmost part of the structure opened in June, 2009 as a public park.   


Once the ULURP process is complete, the City will be authorized to acquire the High Line north 
of 30th Street.  


On receiving word of the announcement, Friends of the High Line’s Chairman John Alschuler 
said, “We are extremely pleased that the City is taking this important first step towards ownership 
of the High Line’s iconic Rail Yards section. Through continued community advocacy, and 
continued collaboration with the City, the MTA, and the Related Companies, we are confident that 
this historic structure will be transformed into a great public space to be treasured by generations 
to come.” 


About the High Line 
The High Line is a public park built on a 1.5-mile elevated freight rail structure. Originally 
constructed in the 1930s to deliver meat and agricultural goods to the industrial West Side, the 
High Line connects the west side neighborhoods of the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea, and 
Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen. The section below 30th Street is owned by the City of New York, and is 
operated under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks & Recreation, in partnership with the 
non-profit Friends of the High Line. 



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