Monday, January 4, 2010

Asser Levy's $ 64 Mil. Amphitheater Critics Anticipate Hearing

Artist rendering of proposed concert amphitheater at Asser Levy Park on Surf Avenue.


Update -   (1/5/10) The "Coney Island Center" amphitheater project – located in Brighton Beach – will not be heard by the Design Commission in January.  - A Walk in the Park

By Joe Maniscalco
Bay News

Opponents of Borough President Marty Markowitz’s plan to construct a new $64 million amphitheater inside Asser Levy Seaside Park are preparing for an all-important public hearing on the project later this month, according to Bay News

The mayor’s office says items on the Design Commission’s agenda for January 11 will not be released until a week before the date, but Markowitz critics say that they’ve been told that a public hearing has, in fact, been tentatively scheduled for the day.

Last month, the Design Commission tabled a vote on the controversial project and the city later indicated that the group would not render a decision until an Environmental Assessment (EA) is completed.

That assessment is reportedly underway, but at the time of this writing, it remains unclear when it will be completed.

“I seriously doubt [the hearing is] going to be in January,” NYC Park Advocates President Geoffrey Croft said.

Croft, along with local activist Ida Sanoff, the Friends of Seaside Park and two local synagogues have been leading the fight against the proposed amphitheater, charging the venue, if built, will destroy the community’s quality of life.

“We still have not heard a word about the EA,” Sanoff said. “There is usually a 30-day comment period on these documents, and I am wondering if they are going to pull a fast one - release it a few days before the next Design Commission meeting on January 11, and get it approved then even if the comment period has not expired.”

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Bay News - January 4, 2010 -  By Joe Maniscalco 

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