Friday, April 9, 2010

Cupcake Concession Picked For Outside of Met: First Year, $ 108,000

Upscale cupcakes also coming to Washington Square Park.

YUM! Pricey cupcakes to go on sale near the Met.

City Hall's getting into the upscale-cupcake business.

For the first time, the Parks Department has awarded permits allowing a Queens-based company to peddle its line on city property, according to the New York Post.

And not just any cupcakes or any city property.

Cake & Shake is paying $108,000 in the first year of a five-year contract for rights to the north side of the steps outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the most coveted food-vending spots in the United States.

As for the cupcakes, they'll be of the gourmet variety, organic and developed by a chef who used to work at the Bouley Bakery in lower Manhattan.

At $3 each, winning bidder Gina Ojile said she's confident she and chef partner Derek Hunt can turn a profit after paying the hefty first-year fee, which escalates 10 percent each year.

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