Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yankee Stadium "Gate 2" Taken Down

( April 1, 2010) This morning demolition workers were hosing down the smoldering remains of Gate 2 in Yankee Stadium. The Gate had been the subject of an intense lobbying effort to save it which had been launched by a group of Yankee fans and tourists citing the "historical and cultural importance of the old Stadium."  
Members of the community and park advocates were vehemently against saving the Gate.

On February 22, the Design Commission approved the City's revised plan for Heritage field which did not include saving the Gate.

The long delayed project will eventually be turned into three ballfields promised to the community in exchange for allowing the Yankees to seize more than 25 acres of historic parkland to build their new stadium. In the end the community will lose two ballfields and three acres of public parkland among other things.  Photos: © Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates

The Pull-Down occurs approximately 1:06 into the clip

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  1. If the fans wanted the gate so bad, they should have insisted that the old clubhouse be built on the orginsl site, kind'a like the Romans did with the Virgin Temple Geoffrey Croft takes terrific pictures, right?