Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Markowitz's Land Grab - $64-Million Amphitheater Plan Mocks Democracy


Courier-Life Editorial


Community Board 13, half of whose members are appointed by Markowitz, has refused to take a position, even as hundreds of neighbors of Asser Levy Park have protested repeatedly.

The main issues are clear: Markowitz’s glitzy amphitheater would absorb nearly all of the grass recreation area inside the park, replacing it with a concrete seating area and a raised lawn that is off limits to soccer or football players.

In addition, neighbors worry that amplified music will create a disturbance — especially on weekends when two area synagogues are filled.

Make no mistake, if city planners were forced to listen to every little complaint, nothing would ever get built in this polyglot town.

But we believe that the opponents have good reason for objecting to Markowitz’s legacy project.

Face it: There is no question that Markowitz is dumping this amphitheater in Asser Levy Park without a full vetting. The project is not undergoing the city’s normal public review process, and the Parks Department will select an operator without public discussion.

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Borough President Markowitz's $64-million amphitheater plan mocks democracy.
Courier-Life - April 28, 2010 


  1. Finally! A pwerful statement against this insane project! The politicians don't care about anyone but themselves.

    This is a small neighborhood park in a residential neighborhood. It's the only place where there is a blade of grass and a tree.

  2. JERRY from Brighton BeachApril 29, 2010 at 8:55 AM

    This editorial by the NY Post/ Courier Life hits the nail on the head. Mr. Markowitz was elected to represent the people, NOT HIS OWN VANITY AMBTIONS. HE'S NOT A KING.
    In addition, CB 13 members are appointed 50% by the Borough President & 50 % by Councilman Recchia.
    They haven't been representing the COMMUNITY !
    They tow the line for the politicians, which is a disgrace.
    I couldn't even put out a trash can in front of my business to help keep the streets clean because NYC Sanitiation said it was against NYC Law.
    We are a country that is suppose to abide by the laws. Evidently if you are a elected official the law dosen't apply to you.
    In fact, if you are soliciitng donations at an Event which requires a Sound Permit, ( which Mr. Markowitz does ... he asks for $ 5, $ 10 & more to put into 5 gallons drums that volunteers goes around the Summer Concerts) you need a Special Permit from the Dept. of Social Services to do that. He dosen't get those permits either.
    So Mr. Markowitz : Get with the Program. Build your Dream somewhere else, you ARE NOT WELCOME IN BRIGHTON BEACH.