Friday, April 2, 2010

High Line Second Section Delayed One Year

CHELSEA — The planned fall opening of the second section of the High Line has been pushed back to 2011, officials said Thursday, according to DNAinfo.

The park’s second stretch — running from 20th to 30th streets — was slated to open later this year after the initial section debuted last summer.

But Parks Department and High Line officials say that date could be pushed back to as late as the spring or summer of 2011.

"Scheduling construction projects is never a perfect science," said Kate Lindquist, a spokesperson for the nonprofit Friends of the High Line, which oversees maintenance and management of the park.

"A recent review of the construction schedule shows that Section 2 will open in spring 2011."

She added that construction of the second section is already fully funded.

“Fundraising is the biggest challenge,” said Joshua David, cofounder of Friends of the High Line, about the park's reliance on private donations. “In the toughest fundraising year, in the 2009 calendar year, we expanded our staff and our budget. It’s an ongoing issue, but I’m eager and optimistic.”

“Great parks don’t come for free,” added Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe of the fundraising efforts. “This park had a huge private investment.”

High Line Second Section Opening Pushed Back to 2011
DNAinfo - April 2, 2010 - By Nicole Breskin  

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