Saturday, August 7, 2010

Central Park Robbery Spree Suspect Arraigned - Second Suspect Remains At Large

Teen Charged With Central Park Robberies Released
Jesse Wasserman,17,  a high school student from New Rochelle, N.Y  was arraigned and released on $150,000 bail Friday afternoon. He is facing first-degree robbery charges and fifteen years in prison for allegedly holding up three people with a fake gun in Central Park on Thursday along the East Drive between 79th and 81st streets.  A second suspect remains at large. (Photo: Shayna Jacobs)


MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT — A teen robbery suspect who allegedly mugged three people with a fake gun in Central Park this week was arraigned and released on $150,000 bail Friday, according to DNAinfo.

Jesse Wasserman, 17, a high school student from New Rochelle, N.Y., faces up to 25 years in prison on each of three counts of first-degree robbery if he's convicted, prosecutors said at his criminal court arraignment.

The teen was identified by two of the three alleged victims from whom he stole a bicycle, wallet, cell phone, debit card, ring and ID card by threatening them with a phony revolver, according to prosecutors.

"Give me your bike and your money," he told the second victim while holding a fake firearm against the man's head at about midnight on Thursday, the criminal complaint said. 

All three victims turned over their possessions when Wasserman pointed the phony pistol at them, prosecutors said. 

He then tried to flee police on a stolen bicycle, prosecutors said.

"He was apprehended moments after the last robbery," Assistant District Attorney Mao Lin said at the arraignment.

Wasserman and another suspect, who remains at large, were described as wearing red T-shirts when they approached the victims as a pair, police said.

Jesse Wasserman was arrested early Thursday morning after allegedly robbing three people in Central Park using a fake gun. He's seen leaving court after his arraignment.

Jesse Wasserman leaving court after his arraignment. (Photo: Steven Hirsch)

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