Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Man Pleads Guilty To Installing Hidden Cameras In Female Locker Room At Lasker Rink


DAVID CANELA, Videotaped Schoolgirls. (Photo: William Farrington) 


A pervy ex-private school teacher admits he put hidden cams in women's locker rooms in a Central Park recreation center - and a midtown YMCA.

David Canela, 34, copped  to four unlawful surveillance charges yesterday for spying on his victims  at the 110th Street Lasker Rink and Pool in Central Park and a W. 47th St. YMCA last August and September, according to the New York Daily News.

"You installed a camera in a girls' locker room in order to view them while they were changing, is that true?" Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon demanded of Canela.

"Yes," said Canela, who was originally charged in a 90-count indictment.
"You knew it was a crime to do this?" the judge asked.

"Yes," the pervert said.

Canela faces up to a year behind bars or as little as probation when he's sentenced October 8.
"He's very remorseful," his lawyer, 
Mitchell Golub, said outside of court. "It's been a train wreck to his life."

The lawyer said Canela was fired from the school where he worked. He declined to identify the school but said his client has been in counseling.

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