Saturday, August 7, 2010

Waste Disposal Trucks Stink Up Von Dohlen Playground


Residents in Jamaica, Queens are holding their breaths as they wait for the city to remove waste disposal tractor trailer trucks from their neighborhood and a nearby kids' playground. NY1's Susan Jhun filed the following NY1 For You report.

Neighbors in Jamaica, Queens say two waste disposal tractor trailer trucks have been parked next to Howard Von Dohlen Playground, just down the street from their homes, for the last four months.

The residents say the strong smell alone makes the situation really stink.

"It really stinks like garbage, like rotten garbage," says resident Alema Ali.

"It’s really bad," says resident Amarjeet Singh. "You see a lot of flies, mosquitoes, and a lot of other small things. And the thing is, number one, this is a residential area. Second thing, it's right in front of a children’s park," says resident Amarjeet Singh.

Parents and children say they wish the trucks would stay far away from the playground.

"Children can’t even come outside and play. It’s horrible," says Ali.

"When I ride my bike, I have to cover my nose," says one local child.

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NY1 For You: Waste Disposal Trucks Stink Up Queens Playground

NY 1 -  August 5, 2010 -  By Susan Jhun

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