Thursday, August 19, 2010

Parks Department Asking The Public To Water Its Street Trees

The financially strapped Parks Department is now asking the public and business owners to water Parks' owned street trees. 


New York City's parks department is asking residents and business owners to help water and take care of trees on the street, according to the Associated Press. via CRAIN'S

Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe said trees need approximately 20 gallons of water each week.

He said trees also help keep New Yorkers cooler by lowering the temperature and cleaning the air of pollution.

The city plans to plant one million new trees by 2017 through its MillionTreesNYC initiative. More than 375,000 have already been planted.  

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Parks Department urges businesses and residents to nuture tress along streets to help keep city cool and lower air pollution
AP via CRAIN'S  - August 19, 2010 

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  1. didn't New York Restoration Project, aka Million Trees Project, get millions of dollars in our tax money to plant and take care of and train people for "green Jobs" just like this? what a joke, guess it went to the Vice Presidents there...