Saturday, August 14, 2010

Man Arrested For Stalking Minor At Lasker Pool


A observant Parks Enforcement Patrol Officer recognized a man wanted for "harassment and stalking a  minor," at Central Park's Pool on Tuesday,  August 10th. "Step Up" Park Enforcement Police (PEP) Sgt. Matthew Greenberg noticed  31-year-old Dylan Kelly from an NYPD wanted poster hanging at Lasker Pool as he entered Sheltering Arms Pool.  (Kelly's image was taken from CCTV at the pool.) He was wanted for an incident involving a child which occurred on July 19th at Lasker.  

Sgt. Greenberg,  who is usually assigned to Lasker pool,  on Tuesday was sent to work at Sheltering Arms where he noticed the scraggly,  goateed,  stringy long-haired man entering the pool. The sergeant called over to Lasker Pool to obtain a copy of the wanted poster which was brought to Sheltering Arms. Greenberg notified NYPD cops on duty at Sheltering Arms who questioned and arrested the perpetrator.   - Geoffrey Croft

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New York Post - August 14,   2010 -  By Kirsten Fleming,  Jamie Schram, Lorena Mongelli and John Doyle 

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