Thursday, July 8, 2010

Autism Benefit Concert Booted From Asser Levy Band Shell — Citing Same Law Markowitz Flouts!

Borough President Markowitz's concerts have been allowed for 20 years. But an autism benefit show has been barred — under the same anti-noise code that Markowitz has apparently flouted for decades. (Photo: The Brooklyn Paper / Gregory P. Mango)


A concert promoter hosting an autism benefit on Friday has been barred at the last minute from rocking the same band shell in Asser Levy Park where Borough President Markowitz holds his annual summer concert series — and the city is citing the same anti-noise code that Markowitz has apparently flouted for decades, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

Samantha LoSapio learned only last week that the city had scrubbed her plans to use the band shell because of the amplified sound — but Markowitz’s controversial Seaside Summer Concert Series has been blasting the neighborhood with the sounds of Peter Frampton, Liza Minelli and Hall and Oates since 1991.

The city has moved LoSapio and her 10-band “Jamsterdam” show to the opposite side of Asser Levy Park near Ocean Parkway, but she’s still fuming to be booted from the band shell.

“I thought that was nuts because Neil Sedaka is playing there next week,” she said, referring to the July 15 kickoff of Markowitz’s series.

LoSapio’s frustration stems from Markowitz’s apparent two-decade violation of existing city law barring amplified music so close to the two synagogues near the band shell. Earlier this year, opponents of Markowitz’s concert series sued the borough president and the city, citing the city noise law.

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Benefit concert booted from Asser Levy band shell — citing same law Marty flouts!
The Brooklyn Paper - July 8, 2010  -  By Joe Maniscalso

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  1. I live there and it is like I have a loud disco in my apartment. It is incredible. I have to get up at 4:00AM in the morning for operations in the hospital. But I can't sleep the night before until 11:00PM? How good are you without proper sleep?