Monday, July 5, 2010

Prospect Park 4th of July Filth - UPDATED

Meadows of Shame

The lakeshore in the southeastern portion of Prospect Park was an unholy mess on July 5, though a small army of workers moved in to begin a long day of cleaning at around 9:30 am.
(Photo:  Julie Rosenberg/Community Newspaper Group)


Happy 4th of July!!  Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman posted a video on YouTube that he describes as the "Worst Hall of Shame Ever." (more than two thousand views so far) The video depicts some of the filth left over from the 4th of July weekend in Prospect Park that he shot this morning. Click here or below for the full article at The Brooklyn Paper. 

A Walk in the Park tried hard to find similar conditions in other heavily utilized parks - Central, Madison Square, the High Line Esplanade, and Bryant -  over the weekend but was unsuccessful. Must be the maintenance and security dedicated to these public spaces -  basic maintenance and operation necessities that apparently Brooklyn parks, and many of the other non-privately maintained parks in all of the City's boroughs including Manhattan,  do not deserve.

The Brooklyn Paper has been chronicling the lack of basic maintenance and security in Prospect Park for some time. 


We’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff in Prospect Park this summer — entrailsblood, chicken heads, dead turtles, swan-on-swan violence (alleged!) — but nothing compares to this morning’s disgusting conditions on the lakefront in the southeastern portion of the park.
For now, however, enjoy our latest video footage from this morning by clicking here.

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The Brooklyn Paper - July 5, 2010

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